Our Mission

The Speech Equity Project believes in Forensics. We think it is a powerful tool for education, advocacy, and change. Therefore, our mission is to make it more equitable. Above all, we want to ensure everyone has a fair chance to find their voice. And that’s why we are giving you resources, no strings attached.

Our Curriculum

For each of the eleven events offered by the NFA and AFA tournaments, we prepared and recorded three lecture videos. Specifically, they can help students map out the theory, content, and delivery strategies to prepare for competition. So below, we describe the video layout for each category:

Public Address


  1. Event Overview and Topics.
  2. Structure/Substructure Argumentation.
  3. Delivery Strategies.



  1. Event Overview and Scripts/Arguments.
  2. How to Make a Cutting. 
  3. Subtext/Blocking. 

Limited Preparation


  1. Event Overview and General Approach.
  2. Structure/Substructure Argumentation.
  3. Delivery Strategies.

Who We Are

The Speech Equity Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to serving forensics students. Specifically, in this phase of the organization, we created educational content for college competition. However, this website is in no way intended to replace the work of coaches. Rather, we want to inform coaches and students about strategies in putting up and performing these events.

“Coming from both a Community College and a University, I know what it’s like to navigate multiple events with little to no resources or guidance compared to the impact it makes when you have access to both. The Speech Equity Project is important now more than ever because it’s a free resource with a curriculum created by a diverse group of people who believe in the power of advocacy. I have the utmost confidence that SEP will be exceedingly valuable to anyone who wants to make the quality of their speeches and performances better than ever.”

Adelina Mitchell

Dramatic Interpretation Content Creator