101: Theory

The ADS Theory lecture is designed to explore what makes ADS a unique event, what a good ADS generally looks like, and how to think about crafting a topic. This will provide you a good theoretical background of what ADS is and get you thinking about what types of topics might be interesting to you. For more detailed instructions on the Topic Selection process, we highly recommend also checking out the Informative Speaking and Persuasive Speaking modules and worksheets.

102: Structure and Writing

This video concerns the main point and subpoint structure in an ADS. Generally, ADS’s follow a Persuasive, Informative, or Communication Analysis structure. For more in-depth worksheets and videos related to structure refer to the other modules on the website. This video will briefly discuss these structures and then focus on the differences between ADS and the other PA’s. We then walk you through the process of actually writing an introduction, transitions, subpoints, and conclusion.

103: Jokes and Delivery

The final video in our ADS series concerns theory and practical tips for writing comedy in addition to some pointers on delivery. Comedy is not an inborn talent, it is a skill that can be cultivated and honed over time. This video tries to gives you practical mechanisms for maximizing the number and quality of jokes you can produce while still maintaining the academic integrity of the event.

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