The Curriculum

Our curriculum includes at least three videos per event. Those videos cover the theory, structure, and performance tips. Outside those parameters, our staff gets total independence, preparing content exactly as they choose. Below, you’ll find descriptions from each of our content creators about what event they addressed. Click the event to go to the curriculum page.

Video & Audio Checklist for Virtual Competition

IMP (Impromptu Speaking)

Impromptu Speaking is a limited preparation event in which the speaker prepares and delivers
a speech analyzing a specific prompt.

INFO (Informative Speaking)

Informative Speaking is a public address event in which you teach an audience about something you find important. However, you also have to convince your audience your topic is relevant and significant. Therefore, our curriculum establishes the goals within that definition, how to structure your speech, and writing/delivery tips.

PRO (Prose Interpretation)

Prose Interpretation is a performative event where you orally deliver a narrative to move your audience, often providing new insight on a particular subject.

DUO (Duo Interpretation)

Duo Interpretation is a performance-based event that involves two competitors interpreting a prose, poetry, drama, or programmed piece. 

EXT (Extemporaneous Speaking)

Extemp is a limited preparation event based on the speaker quickly being able to answer a question involving global or domestic economics, policy, or social issues. 

PERS (Persuasive Speaking)

Persuasive Speaking is a collegiate forensics event which employs persuasive appeals to urge action or change from the audience. The topics are typically systemic, serious in nature, and include solution steps the audience can take to address a

POI (Program Oral Interpretation)

Programmed Oral Interpretation, or POI, is a persuasive, performance-based event where you use a compilation of literature and characters to move your argument forward.

ADS (After Dinner Speaking)

After Dinner Speaking attempts to persuade or inform an audience through the use of comedy and humor.

CA (Communication Analysis)

Communication Analysis is a collegiate competitive public speaking event that uses a communication theory to analyze an artifact’s message.

DI (Dramatic Interpretation)

Dramatic Interpretation is an event centered around the growth and development of a character.

POE (Poetry Interpretation)

Poetry Curriculum Coming July 5th, 2019