101: Theory

In this first video, you will learn the beginning stages of constructing a DI. This portion of the lecture walks you through where to find your script, how to choose a script that is appropriate for you, and how to approach your intro and argumentation. This part of the lecture series is ideal for those who have little to no experience with the event and for those who want inspiration on how to think outside of the box when choosing a script.

102: Making a Cutting

Cutting your script deserves it’s own video because this part can arguably take the most time. This part of the process can be overwhelming in many ways, but with the help of this video, you will be able to tackle a script with a much more open mind. This lecture contains tips and tricks on how to go from choosing your script to transcribing and cutting a script until you get to the finalized version of your DI.

103: Subtext and Blocking

After you have chosen your script and cut it to where you are ready to perform, blocking and performative choices are the next thing to tackle. In this lecture we will discuss character development, blocking, subtext, subtext exercises, and tips as to how to make sure you are performing in the most healthy way possible.

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