INFO 101: Theory

Here’s some Info about Informative Speaking. This first lesson covers the general approach to the event, including its primary and secondary goals. It argues that while the primary objective in an Informative is to teach your audience, the secondary goal should be to convince them your speech is relevant and significant. Watch the lecture first. Then, use the Topic Questionnaire to help you focus your topic and begin making strategic decisions about how to form the argument.

INFO 101: Topic Questionnaire

INFO 102: Structure and Substructure Arguments

Argumentation in Informative is key. However, you also have a broad range of choices to articulate relevance and significance. This lecture walks you through those options, using the theory provided by the last lecture to inform why you should make some choices over others. Feel free to use the “Build Your Own Structure” sheet as a guide in outlining your speech. 

INFO 102: Build Your Own Structure.

INFO 103: Writing and Delivery

Now that we’ve covered form, it’s time for style. While structure helps you to teach your audience, your writing and delivery styles should help you sell your topic. This lecture will give you advice for both writing and delivery at each major point in the speech. Use the “Delivery Exercises” sheet to learn subtext activities you can use on your draft as well. 

INFO 103: Delivery Exercises.

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