101: Theory

The first lesson covers the definition of persuasion both in and outside of rounds. Trends in the event are briefly discussed before explaining the intricacies of quality persuasion topics. The content helps highlight places to look for topics as well as how to frame ideas that are brainstormed. Taking extra time to understand the topic search and selection process is recommended to ensure a solid foundation to build a speech upon.

102: Structure and Substructure Arguments

The second lesson covers many parts of persuasive speeches, such as structure, substructure, writing tips, narratives, transitions, and solutions. The lecture illustrates each concept with Alekhya Tallapaka’s 2018 AFA National Championship Persuasion. The lesson moves from macro to micro strategies in the event, with many lessons being useful in other public address events as well.

103: Delivery

The final lesson covers the basic components of delivery. The lecture takes a deep-dive into the importance of operative words and how they are the foundation of having control over how you sound like a speaker. The lesson concludes with some delivery drills to help speakers improve
their memory retention, conversationality, confidence. Many of the strategies discussed can be employed in any event in forensics.

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