101: Theory

Program Oral Interpretation is the most persuasive interp event. Therefore, this lesson gives an overview of POI and a broad description of how to approach the event. Specifically, it includes the main objective of a POI and understanding story structure. Additionally, it discusses how to craft an introduction and an argument, and closes with aspects of POI you should approach with caution. After watching this lecture, use the accompanying handout to draft an introduction and an argument.

POI 101: Topics, Arguments & Intros

102: How to Make a Cutting

An effective POI organizes a diverse array of literature into a cohesive performance. So this lesson explains how to find and organize literature for your program. It also covers how to create a program cutting by following narrative structure. Finally, the lecture ends with tips on how to make smooth and dynamic transitions.

103: Characterization and Blocking

A POI performance is incomplete without authentic characters. Therefore, lesson 3 focuses on how to approach acting for POI. Specifically, it includes creating genuine characters, crafting environment, and blocking. After viewing this lecture, use handout 2 to further improve your acting skills, with exercises for building characters and believable environments.

POI 103: Characterization and Blocking

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